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Class Details

(1) Class13 Vocab (ACT Rdg PT1)

65 concepts, including:
flash-back, spick-and-span, barn, kettle, ranch, heap, sulky, raw, grim, bandanna, sober, sneakers, anxiously, anticipating, drought, penned, virtual, usher (v.), hem/ hem in, vast, facade, amphitheater, bas relief sculpture, courtiers, endowment, stunning

(2) Class12 Vocab (Idioms-Prepositions)

137 concepts, including:
absent, acceptable, accused, accustomed, acquainted, afraid, agree, angered, annoyed, apologize, apply, argue, arise, arrive, associated, aware, basis, believe, belong, between, blame, came, capable, care, characteristic, charged, committed, compares, composed

(3) Class11 Vocab (Diction Errors)

135 concepts, including:
promoted, prompted, divisive, diverse, boisterous, brevity, disinterested, uninterested, reflect, refract, console (v), console (n), inhabit, inhibit, insolent, indolent, antidote, anecdote, dilute, delude, inequity, iniquity, accept, except, adapt, adopt

(4) Class10 Vocab (Top 100 SAT/ACT Words)

100 concepts, including:
Abbreviate, Abstinence, Adulation, adversity, aesthetic, amicable, anachronistic, anecdote, anonymous, antagonist, arid, assiduous, asylum, benevolent, camaraderie, censure, circuitous, clairvoyant, collaborate, compassion, compromise, condescending

(5) Class9 Vocab (Context Clues)

133 concepts, including:
scrupulous, vexed, tact, emphatic, conjecture, amends, ascertain, amicable, conceited, candor, ostentatious, endeavor, engrossed, deficiency, benevolence, intrepid, servile, derision, implore, incessant, felicity, discreet, dilapidated, boisterous

(6) Class8 Vocab-ACT (Dual-Passages)

88 concepts, including:
stamina, ax, plaster, pronged, wedge, jamb, pry, perpendicular, parallel, shaft, autonomic, gland, secretion, anterior, posterior, foster, appropriation, bill, scrap-metal, liabilities, off the hook, insights, derive, comet, discernible, dimensions, analogous

(7) Class7 Vocab (Author’s Purpose Part2)

86 concepts, including:
account for, ascertain, admonish, chide, rebuke, reproach, advocate, endorse, espouse, propound, allege, assert, contend, applaud, celebrate, commend, appraise, articulate, convey, bear out, corroborate, substantiate, validate, belittle, berate, demean

(8) Class7 Vocab (Author’s Purpose Part1)

77 concepts, including:
menace, utmost, tracts of land, odious, odorous, subjugated, pillory, vocational, buy-in, sacrifice, mishandling, ameliorate, spur, poised, redress, bonnet, gown, enunciate, holocaust, wide eyed, air raid, ominous, rosary, flurry, fallout, warily, flake

(9) Class6 Vocab (Main Idea)

68 concepts, including:
allegedly, deranged, notorious, hailing from, edged out, sought-after, to coin a phrase, paleontologist, origins, naval (adj), naval (n.), navy (n.), refugee, refuge, crew, followed suit, sniffles, airborne, devastating, plague, bubonic plague


931 concepts, including:
predicted, provocative, tenacious, benign, capricious, diverse, intricate, perception, reticent, stimulate, anticipate, convoluted, endorse, enhance, partisan, prohibited, bombast, debilitated, discerning, disparage, eliminate, indulged, innovative

(11) Class5 Vocab (Inference)

80 concepts, including:
imply, infer, pustule, prodded, distraught, lamented, squinted, tipped, jest, demeanor, vestibule, pulsate, seared, fumed, nonchalance, jigsaw, vitriolic, sneer, index finger, murmured, clutched, jerked, scowl, thoroughfare, timid, curb, vending machine

(12) Class4 Vocab (Rdg Traps&Eng Drill1)

63 concepts, including:
disorienting, canvas, rapper, vast, impartial, profound, contemporary, Harlem, glorify, oppressed, depict, regal, dignity, commission, far-reaching, undermine, chasm, bulging, convulsion, quiescence, haste, deliberation, sublime, cinders, conical, mantle

(13) Possessive Case/ Capitalization/Subject Verb Agreement Rules

30 concepts, including:
Possessive Case Rule 1, Possessive Case Rule 2, Possessive Case Rule 3, Capitalization Rule 1, Capitalization Rule 2, Capitalization Rule 3, Capitalization Rule 4, Capitalization Rule 5, Capitalization Rule 6, Capitalization Rule 7

(14) Subject-Verb Agreement Rules

13 concepts, including:
The object of the preposition can NEVER be the subject of the sentence., Pronouns that are always plural, Pronouns that may be singular or plural, Pronouns that are always singular, A compound subject that is joined by “and” or “both…and” is usually plural. However, some compound subjects have two parts that make up one unit. These take a singular verb.

(15) Class3 Vocab (tone&mood)

51 concepts, including:
diction, connotation, tone, mood, gloomy, matter-of-fact, mock, resigned, pompous, sincere, suspicious, quizzical, witty, light-hearted, idyllic, inclusive, liberating, confining, haunting, suspenseful, foreboding, threatening, terrifying, grueling

(16) Class2 Vocab (irony+intro to reading)

53 concepts, including:
welter-weight / heavy weight, cinnamon bear, freckles, coyote, fox, wolf, scorn, rifle muzzle, animal muzzle, comrade, arrest, cowardice, nag, dapper, retribution, valorous, echo, marshal, scheme, drift, transfixed, reputable, sedative, cork, Jack Frost

(17) Class1 Vocab (punctuation+literature intro)

50 concepts, including:
diarrhea, acronym, ailment, obscure, prejudice, mantra, modifier, chagrin, caramel, nauseated, granola, despair, wept, unbearable, lame, burgeon, mime, perceptive, dreadful, figurative, literal, onomatopoeia, alliteration, idiom, metaphor, simile, imagery

(18) ACT 2016 PT Vocab

127 concepts, including:
droplet, confounded, hexagonal, descent, vapor, condense, illusion, allusion, impurity, collide, symmetrical, faceting, bundled up, patchwork, beam, jumbled, branding, summit, dawn, dusk, crater, crouch, jutting, squelched, shard, intricate, clay, ash, buffs

(19) ACT Mini Test Vocab

43 concepts, including:
arid, semi-arid, plateau, quail, fish-eye view, trout, patrol, tangles, sunken, log, sucker, algae, spawn, bob, agglomerate, texture, begat, crisped, bewilder, fleeting, confectioner, fanned out, lean, ration, kits, dwindled, liberation, abuse, raisin, almond

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