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Class Details

(1) ACT S-Y

256 concepts, including:
sip, skeptic, skyrocket, slack, slaughter, slim, sloppy, sluggish, slur, smear, smirk, smitten, smite, snap, snatch, sniff out, snob, sobriety, soggy, solicitude, soluble, sophomore, sparrow, speckle, spectacle, spectacular, specter, spectrum, speculate, speculator

(2) ACT M-P

140 concepts, including:
maelstrom, magnify, malaria, malfunction, mammoth, mandate, mandible, maneuver, mannequin, manual, manuscript, margarine, masquerade, materially, mattress, melodrama, membrane, menagerie, meridian, mesh, metamorphosis, methodical, microbe, microscopic

(3) ACT P-S

120 concepts, including:
prank, predominant, preliminary, prelude, preoccupation, prerequisite, prescribe, preservative, presumably, primeval, primitive, primordial, princely, pristine, privilege, proclivity, prop up, propagate, prophet, propitiate, prospective, protrude

(4) ACT H-L

130 concepts, including:
haunting, haunt, haze, heady, heir, helm, hem, herald, heroine, hickory, hilarity, hind, hiss, hitherto, hoe, hoist, honeysuckle, hoot, hostile, howler, hull, hum, humble, hunch, hurl, hygiene, hyperbole, hypnotize, ideology, idleness, ignoramus, illiterate, illusory

(5) ACT E-H

120 concepts, including:
earthen, eavesdrop, ebony, eclecticism, edible, edifice, egalitarian, ego, elation, elongate, emanate, enchantment, enclose, encore, encumber, endeavor, engulf, enlightenment, enlist, ensemble, entail, entangle, entrench, enunciation, enviable, eradicate

(6) ACT C-D

110 concepts, including:
cling, cloak, closet, clump, clutch, cogitation, coherent, coinage, coincidental, collate, collective, commentary, commissioner, compassionate, compelling, compensate, competence, competent, complacency, condescending, condone, confederacy, confer

(7) ACT A-C

100 concepts, including:
abbot, abdomen, abuse, accede, accessory, accumulate, acorn, acquaintance, acquisition, acreage, adept, adjoin, affiliation, aggression, aglow, ailment, alfalfa, analog, anatomical, annotation, antenna, anthology, anticipation, antidote, antigen, anvil

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